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Welcome to the Lillicoco University! There is so much to learn in the wonderful world of antique jewellery. Whether you want to know more about a specific era, or the science and meaning behind the different gemstones, we've got you covered. Your journey to becoming an antique jewellery expert starts here...

Era Guides

Discover all about the jewellery, fashion, art and architecture of each epoch in these fascinating era guides.

Georgian Era

1714 - 1837

Tempted by a Georgian Diamond ring? If so, you have to know all about the Georgian era. Dated between 1714-1837, the Georgian era is home to some of the most gorgeous historic fashion and antique jewellery.

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Victorian Era

1837 - 1901

From the Arts and Crafts movement to Victorian Aesthetic, the Victorian era is one of the most prolific and famous eras in history. Not to mention, it birthed some of the world’s most incredible jewellery. Let’s dive into the 19th century.

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Edwardian Era

1901 - 1910

Although short, the Edwardian era was nothing but sweet, with bows, Pearls, Platinum and Diamonds a-plenty! You can find out more about this little known period of English history here.

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Art Nouveau Era

1890 - 1910

Arguably the most enchanting stylistic movement in history, the Art Nouveau era will set your heart on fire. This Art Nouveau guide will soon make you an expert.

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Art Deco Era

1920 - 1935

A timeless and culturally defining era in history, you always want to know more about the Art Deco period. Let’s go back in time to the Roaring Twenties.

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1935 - 1999

Vinatge is a bit of a 'catch all' for any jewellery made from the end of the Art Deco era until modern day. Some people say something has to be at least 20 years old to be considered 'vintage'.

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Gemstone Guides

Read our gemstone guides and impress your friends with your gemology knowledge.

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Learn what makes each birthstone special with an in-depth look in this special series.

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